Transfer items

Diablo II was made by developers to run only one time, however, there is a method to open the game multiple times. Blizzard itself does not encourage to open Diablo II multiple times, especially under the same license on their official servers but in our Diablo 2 private server, this method is allowed.

How to run Diablo II multiple times

Each session allows to opening Diablo II only one time. The solution is to open the game again in another session, under another user. In general, most Windows users use username Administrator as their main account, but you can create additional users on the same PC for other family members for example. Click here to learn how to create another account in Windows.

How to transfer items between characters

First, open the game under your main user, log in to RNY, create a game with a password and let the game running in the background. Second switch the windows accounts, while your main one will still run in the background, open the game again under the second username, log in to RNY and join to the game created by yourself. Now you are able to transfer items between characters safely.

Error fix: Only one copy of Diablo II may run at a time.