Diablo II v1.13c Map Hack

How to use it?

Create a shortcut to BH.Injector.exe. Use Properties settings for the shortcut, go to Compatibility section and check Run this program as an administrator, also go to Shortcut section and add to Target field at the end parameters -o 2 -p. It should look like this:

C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\map_hack_v1.13c\BH.Injector.exe" -o 2 -p

Set everything to false in BH.cfg file. Allow only the map to be revealed:

Reveal Map: True, None

Use it with common sense

Be careful, map hack is not allowed in official Battle.net servers, however, in our Diablo 2 private server for the purpose to reveal the map is allowed, since on Battle.net for each game creater the map is reseted.