How to connect

We do not encourage to use a cracked version of Diablo II, if you don't own Diablo II, the game can be purchased online from Blizzard official site. In any case, the server may work even with a cracked version.

Install Diablo II/Diablo II Lord of Destruction expansion

The first step, install Diablo II and make sure you upgrade it to 1.13c version. In case you have a version higher than 1.13c you must downgrade.

How to downgrade Diablo II

Unfortunately, Diablo II can be only upgraded when it comes to patches. However, there is a method to downgrade the version by replacing the game.exe file with the oldest version of Diablo II. This method will allow you then to upgrade to any version you want without uninstalling/installing the game again.

Diablo II v1.13c is now installed

Next step, download the Gateway Editor, run the editor application, go to Diablo2/Diablo2 Exp section, click on Add Gateway button and enter the following information.

The final step, click Chosen in order to add server to the registry. This feature is also making Diablo II to auto select RNY server when you lauch the game. If this feature is not applied the server may not be saved to the registry.

All done

Everything is set up! Now you are ready to connect and play on RNY Diablo 2 private server.