Diablo II FAQ

Frequently asked questions on Diablo II.

Q: Does mercenary magic find count?

A: Magic find(MF) value from the character items is calculated with the mercenary items only if the mercenary get the kill, also known as the last hit. If the character gets the kill the MF value is applying only from the character items.

Q: How to keep Nihlathak red portal open?

A: Nihlathak or Pindleskin portal does get closed if the quest(kill Nihlathak) is completed and the waypoint is enabled. Nihlathak can be killed and the portal will still remain open without enabling the waypoint.

Q: What is the FPS command?

A: Frame per seconds(FPS) information can be enabled with /fps command in the chat. The FPS value is also displayed along with the ping latency. Some old versions of Diablo II are not supporting the FPS command.

Q: How to bug Andariel?

A: Every time a boss is killed for the first time on each difficulty it's guaranteed a "good drop", however, Andariel has a bug and can drop every time a "good drop" despite the fact she was killed before. In order to bug Andariel after she was killed for the first time, talk with Warriv as soon as possible or don't leave the game. To check if Andariel is bugged she must drop no gold, if she drops gold means is not bugged in that difficulty.